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March 16, 2021

GamGino (Atlanta FX Parody) by Young Jahcee

As the world awaits for the next season of “Atlanta,” an Orlando-based artist, Young Jahcee, recently released a stunning visual that honors the first two seasons of the award-winning series.

From the wardrobe to the scenery, the ‘GamGino’ music video is sure to send “Atlanta” fans down memory lane.

The minute you tune in you’re infatuated by Jahcee’s replica FUBU Jersey, a glossy Childish Gambino fathead, the golden pistol seen in the last episode of season two, and many other props that directly reference “Atlanta.”

In this song, Young Jahcee raps about his journey as a struggling artist, as if he too were Paper Boi. He even mentions screenwriter Stefani Robinson, film director Hiro Murai, and Atlanta’s protagonist — Earnest Marks on the spellbinding track entitled ‘GamGino.’

Seeing the paper plate cut out of Zazie Beetz several times throughout the video, Jahcee even admits that there is no Van Keefer (who Zazie Beetz plays in the show) in his life. Intentional with mimicking the genre of “Atlanta,” he adds comedic, dramatic, and surreal elements to this tribute.

Since the music video is just as entertaining and witty as the song is, critics are left wondering when this will get the attention of Donald Glover himself and what the response will be.

Be sure to pay attention to every detail in the song and the video. Otherwise, you may miss out on how clever this truly is. GamGino is available on all streaming platforms!

Check out the video and grab your copy of the song below.

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