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February 6, 2020

Draco x Rich Quick x The Keen One “Nobody Cares” (Lyric Video)

Draco releases a lyric video for “Nobody Cares” featuring the late Rich Quick and The Keen One. The single is off Draco’s latest project titled ‘Waterproof’.

The Philly based, unorthodox emcee, curated a record to shake cores and awaken senses. “Nobody Cares” captures the demise of relationships, loyalty, classy women, and even kids playing outside due to the technical hands of Social Media.

Draco sets off the universal message to log off and reload interpersonal skills and relationships, starting with the image in the mirror. As his legacy lives on, so does Rich Quick’s incomparable lyricism.  His wordplay depicts robotic newsfeeds posted by posers. Draco and Quick see through them and call them out along with their unpaid bills, twerking asses, and failed relationships.

The Keen One knocks out the finale with reminiscent wordplay. Remember playing outside until the streetlights shone? Remember leaving the house not caring if the phone was ringing? Remember nature? Remember face to face conversations?  

The copacetic and hypnotic sounds of piano keys and drums blended with Hip-Hop cadences are sure to shake up the humanism in all of us! Watch the lyric video for “Nobody Cares” and connect with Draco below.

RIP Rich Quick

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January 17, 2020

Kohn x Steve Sxaks ‘Light at the End’ Album

Philly based MC/producer duo of Kohn and Steve Sxaks return with a diverse, generational fused project titled ‘Light At The End.’  The 11-track album features Reub Boy, BellaBlu, 3T3N, Biz Mighty, Joe White, and Marrissa Joy.

Sxaks shows off his impeccably mastered production skills while Kohn delivers quick-witted wordplay, classic storytelling, and at times hits you with ‘in your face’ lyrical bombs. “Wanna Ride” offers listeners a laid-back vibe of R&B blends mixed with modern cadences. However, don’t get lost in hypnosis as “Goldar” picks up the pace with distinct striking sounds that heighten Kohn’s Trap flow. “Pay Up” is a catchy track, one that can be heard blaring anthem style. With no co-sign needed Kohn is securing bags while he levels up.

The album continues to intensify with “Shrimp Scampi.” Kohn’s zany flow and raw wordplay are magnified over a multi-genre mosh pit of fervid soundscapes. In “Replay” Kohn describes how life epitomes the redundancies of Groundhog Day but switches up yet again in “Fried Okra.” Over classic meets latter-day tones, Kohn spews authentic and animated lyricism for a throwback vibe.

“Bar Crawl” is the action-packed big screen track of the album with three minutes of raw lyrical sirens setting off a state of suspense and hair-raising chills. Once again, the mood shifts in “Palm Trees.” The sounds of striking drums serve as the heart of the track and magnify Kohn’s simple message of being ahead of the game as a heavyweight while other’s pen game is featherweight.  

The duo impresses the ladies in “Pad Thai” and offers plenty of play to get them in the mood, and with a smooth soulful vibe, they don’t miss a beat. “Turn Around” is a track about constantly feeling on edge from a misled relationship. Kohn embodies the all too familiar tale through innovative storytelling.

To finalize the album, and in an attempt to spread a message near and far, from childhood to adulthood, from rich and poor, from every color in the rainbow; Kohn delivers countless gems in “Light At The End” about being true to what you believe no matter what.  

Stream/purchase ‘Light At The End’ on preferred platforms and connect with the duo on Instagram @steve_sxaks and @kohnmusic

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