McDonald’s, arguably the world’s most iconic American fast-food chain, is known for its menu, not really its decor. Even though McDonald’s food may not be healthiest option, people go there because they know they can still get some fries or a burger and it will taste the same, pretty much everywhere in the world.

So how do you spice up a classic restaurant brand? Perhaps by setting it in a decommissioned airplane, in the middle of the desert, making it look like it was used in The Flintstones movie, or designing it to appear like a giant kids’ playground?

Most of the 36,000 McDonald’s restaurants in 119 counties are recognizable from miles away, as you can see the colossal golden arches and the big red clown from the road. But a few have very unique stories of their own.

Some may not have been allowed to build brand new venues and others may have chosen to preserve the unique look of a historic mansion or  castle. Whatever the reason, these unusual McDonald’s have a look all their own.

Want to enjoy some fries in a wild location? Check out one of these distinct venues.