Check out the Preview of Old Head #Season2 (Video)

OldHead is back with Season 2. If You Seen Season 1 then you know ITS GOING DOWN!!!

Check out the Season 2 Preview Below:

In Season 2 of Oldhead we reunite with LA as he tries to find the balance between good and evil while he is challenged with either providing for his family or falling back into the street culture. Kareem is in a tight battle with trying to stay in control of the streets as new crosstown rival Bishop has made his presence known.

The web series Oldhead display the authenticity of the urban cultures throughout the Philadelphia communities. An Oldhead is an authoritative figure in the Philadelphia community who passes down wisdom to the younger generation. We want to give the audience insight on some of the socio-economic issues inner city youth face such as drugs, violence, and lack of resources. Majority of the youth growing up in urban communities lack male authority figures in their life. In producing this show we aim to call back all the male leaders such as coaches, mentors and other authority figures that wants to help our young people become productive citizens.



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