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February 22, 2022

Serius Jones – Dig Em Up Freestyle | @SeriusJones

Jersey’s own Serius Jones has been in the battle rap scene since the early 2000s and is known for his battles against Jin, Big Ace, and Murda Mook and has been featured in the legendary SMACK DVD, World Star, VladTV, MTV2’s Fight Club and most recently, the URL Battles on Caffeine.

The battle rapper continues the go crazy with the bars as he elongates his killing spree of everything in his way since he has been home from jail in this high energy freestyle banger, “Dig Em Up,” which was filmed in the deserts of Las Vegas by @snubbgeez

Serius is letting all these rappers know he’s still not the one to be fucked with.

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February 2, 2022

One on One with DJ Toshi

From Bushwick by way of the Far Eastern city of Tokyo, Japan, DJ Toshi has been perfecting his craft as a DJ and producer, making a name for himself broadcasting worldwide on his internet radio show, Classic Storm Radio, garnering die-hard fans from across the globe. DJ Toshi has performed for parties & shows at many venues in New York such as Webster Hall, S.O.B.’s, Mercury Lounge, The Delancey, DROM, to name a few. He is also a founder & resident DJ of one of New York’s best Underground Hip Hop events, Rock Da House. 

Currently, in its 6th year, Rock Da House has featured countless Hip Hop Legends over the years such as Grandmaster Caz, Lord Finesse, Large Professor. Easy Mo Bee, DJ Tony Touch, Immortal Technique, Boot Camp Clik, Organized Konfusion & many more. 

I speak with veteran DJ on his humble beginnings and his views on the art of DJing.

What inspired you to become a DJ?

I would say that I was introduced to rap music when I happened to watch the commercial dance battle on the Japanese TV show. Some of the dancers were dancing to rap music. I was around 13 years old. Then, I started looking for rap cassette tapes at the public library. That was the beginning. I was more into dancing at first, then I

really fell in love with this music as time went by. I started djing when I heard a lot of dope music & mixtapes from the DJs such as DJ Kid Capri, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Chuck Chillout, DJ Premier, DJ Tony Touch. They were huge inspirations for me to become a DJ.

What was the first turntable you played on?

When I was a kid, my father had a record player, and I borrowed it from him.  I used to try to imitate that record scratch sound with his player, well before I could afford two Technics and a mixer.  I can’t recall the name of that player, though!

What type of music did you grow up with and love to this day?

I grew up with some Japanese pop music like everybody else in Japan. Then (as I mentioned above), I got into rap music in my early teens and started listening to a lot of rap artists. I still love rap music to this day, for sure.

Once I got into making beats, I inevitably started listening & digging all kinds of music for my beats. Then, I got into a lot of different genres. Good music is always good for my ears & the soul. It doesn’t matter what genres they are… I’ve never lost my passion for music to this day.

How would you describe a typical DJ Toshi set? What makes your sound unique?

New York Boom Bap!!

I think people would feel my set if they’ve ever fell in love with that authentic & traditional Hip Hop music. I would occasionally throw in funk, soul, original, breaks at the right time and that would make sense with my set & make my sound unique. It would be easier to play current hits and make a crowd dance but I want to be a DJ that plays something unique or classic tunes that people haven’t heard for a very long time. People would be surprised and go crazy.

Your top 5 venues are..

Mercury Lounge, Big Bar, The Delancey, The Pyramid & Project Parlor. 

These are all different types of venues. But I always have fun djing in there!

Of course a discussion would not be what it is without the vinyl vs. laptop debate. What is your stance on the topic?  Do you feel the art is lost or enhanced due to the rise of digital technology?

There are positive and negative sides to almost everything. For example, DJs who came up carrying heavy crates of vinyl from crib to gig to gig every night might appreciate how the Serato revolution has changed the game. On the other hand, DJing has become easier and more affordable, with laptops and technology and the internet (downloading music is very different from the storied practice of “diggin’ in the crates”).  So nowadays, anybody could say they’re a DJ – with no dedication and commitment to the art. I would suggest that this aspect has diminished the value of DJs & the record business.

I prefer vinyl and analog sound for sure. That’s my first love, and that’s the foundation.  However, I left all my crates in Japan when I moved to NY.  So without Serato, I wouldn’t be able to perform as

consistently. (It’d be almost impossible to recollect and re-create my physical vinyl library again.)  In that sense, digital technology has helped my situation tremendously.

Favorite “go-to” song to play.

It is hard to say.  I DJ for different types of parties, all kinds of crowds.  It also depends on the time of day!  Playing a song at 10 PM and 2 AM will most likely get totally different reactions from the same crowd, so I guess I don’t have a favorite “go-to” song.

How did Rock Da House get started?

Back in 2016, The Delancey’s booking manager asked me if I could DJ and organize a party for one of their Mondays, on very short notice. I called Psycho Les (of The Beatnuts), who was releasing the “Dank God Vol.1” album around that time, and asked him if he wanted to do his album release party with me at the Delancey.  He was down, and the party turned out to be a dope night – regardless of the mad short notice the club had given me.  (Big shout out to Psycho Les!)  So the Delancey was very impressed, and it didn’t take too long for my party

to become a weekly thing.

So then I talked to my man Doc Ahk, who’d been collaborating and organizing shows with me for some time already, and we landed every Monday there (later, Wednesdays), to work together and bring something different to the table on a weekly basis.  We felt that there was enough talent in NYC and the area to hold this down, and we were right. (Shout out to Doc Ahk!) It wasn’t until our party started to get well known that I felt we needed a solid brand name.  So I was like, “Who rocked the house tonight the most?”  And, “Who will be rocking next week?”  …That turned into, “Who Rock Da House?” until we finally just said, “let’s keep it simple: Rock Da House!”

And that’s how Rock Da House was born.  The rest is history.

We kept it going every week at the Delancey for four years or so until the pandemic hit and the city shut down.

Right now, it’s still difficult to do the show weekly, but we haven’t stopped doing Rock Da House in NYC throughout these hard times. We also managed Rock Da House tour in NJ, Baltimore, ATL, LA as well as the virtual reality concert that we teamed up with Hip Hop in VR.

What advice you would give to aspiring DJs?

Passion for music is the most important.  That might sound simple enough, but it’s the key to not giving up.  If money is your motivation, or you get into DJing because you think it’s cool and trendy, you won’t last too long. Also, don’t stick to one genre of music. It’s like if you love Hip Hop, it will inevitably lead you to dig all types of music. Listen to the music, and follow its lead.

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October 8, 2021

VIDEO: Duss8 feat. E.Daney, JROBB & Acee – “Foxy”

Hip hop collective Duss8 consists of Harlem rappers E.Daney, A Cee, JROBB, and Money $. The crew returns with their latest project, “Foxy”.

The beat takes us back to a more nostalgic time in hip hop with lyrics by the trio, E.Daney, A Cee, JROBB making it a head nod to add to your playlist.

Stay tuned for more from this hip-hop collective.

You can check out Duss8 on Amazon Music.

IG: @duss8world

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September 9, 2021

VIDEO: GUN40 – “Sore Loser” | @gunmusic40

Dallas rapper GUN40 surprised his fans with an 8 track EP entitled Sore Loser along with an EviJanJohn-directed music video for the title track.

“Sore Loser is an EP for the loyal fans, the core following,” says GUN40. “I wanted to give them something to listen to while they wait for IDGAF2. This just the warm-up.”

From making classic rap tracks to making emo trap and urban pop, the Def Jam alum hopes to make music that touches everyone. “I can’t fit into one box, I won’t,” he explains. “I have to make music because music is in me.” 

Check out the tracklist for Sore Loser below, out now on all DSPs.


  1. Sore Loser (Produced by Narcowave)
  2. Narco Part 2 (Produced by Narcowave)
  3. Numbers (Produced by MexicoMerio)
  4. Catfish feat Shabazzz (Produced by Ayewiseguy)
  5. Wockarella (Produced by Ayewiseguy)
  6. Ghostbusters feat Melokobe24 (Produced by Danny G & Takeasip)
  7. I Need 50 (Produced by GUN40)
  8. Bihh be Tweakin (Produced by Ayewiseguy)

IG: @gunmusic40

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July 7, 2021

VIDEO: Conan – “Mingalau” | @ynvsconan

YNVS artist Conan hits us with visuals for the Speedy Baby-produced smash single, “Mingalau”, which basically is a word that can suffice for anything. 

Directed by R-Streetz, the video is an energetic 420 wonderland, taking place on 420, the day of the first SmokeChampsPalooza that took place in NYC at Quad this past April. 

Stay tuned for more from the Energy God and be sure to cop “Mingalau,” which is available on all DSPs.


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February 24, 2021

YNVS’ Shampoo Chats with Mic Geronimo on YNVS Radio

YNVS label honcho Shampoo sits down with hip hop stalwart turned businessman Mic Geronimo as he clears all of the rumors being heard on the streets as well as speaking on life after the Drink Champs episode and how he almost turned down the offer of appearing on the famed podcast.

You can check out the Mic Geronimo interview and other dope episodes on YNVS Podcast/Radio on Spotify and YouTube.

@ynvsceoshampoo | @micgeronimo

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December 23, 2020

Koncreat – “On My Mind” | @koncreat

Philly musician, Koncreat, was born Jamar Jones on March 14, 1991, in North Philadelphia and raised in West Philadelphia, he formed a short-lived group with neighborhood friends Source Waveron and Murda Meen named, Critical Bars in 2009. The trio released a mixtape: Critical Condition in February 2011, which soon led to their break-up. Following the short-lived group, Koncreat embarked on a solo career.

Koncreat became musically inspired at the of 7, where his early rhymes began. Born into poverty, he used rhyming to escape his day to day reality. With the abrupt disappearance of his mother, Koncreat was forced to relocate to his father’s home in West Philadelphia. After the sudden change he lost his passion for rhymes, but soon after became musically inclined by playing the violin at age 12. This opened a gateway for Koncreat to soon begin creating his own pieces of music.

Fully inspired and influenced by Hip-Hop artists such as Jadakiss, Styles P, and Cassidy, Koncreat wanted to take his writing to another level, record and promote. With no studio to record his inspired thoughts, he used his earned money to buy cheap microphones from his local discount store. With an acquired computer from a close friend, Koncreat began to record on his computer’s built-in software. This soon led Koncreat to craft his own productions and excel in his abilities.

Now a full-fledged artist, producer, and engineer Koncreat has worked with many local and non-local talent.

The Philly native starts off 2021 with his first release in 5 years, the self-produced single, “On My Mind.”

“This track speaks about past insecurities I’ve had in the past and how it made me with newer confidence today,” Koncreat says.

“On My Mind” also speaks of social injustices and how the black community should do more to achieve what they deserve.

“On My Mind” is set to drop in early January 2021 on all digital music platforms.


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December 22, 2020

All About Dionni6x | @dionni6x

Dionne M Sanchez, AKA Dionni 6X was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and came to the United States when she was 17 years old. She graduated as an early student at Brentwood High School.

Dionni6x always had a passion for music, which is one of her biggest inspirations.
Her love came from Redimi2 a Christian Rapper whose music has influenced her to want to pursue a music career at the tender age of 7, since then, she became a fan of many different music genres.

A lover of the arts, she loves to create music, writing her own lyrics to a mean beat and working with different artists. She also loves to design clothing and comes up with different concepts that make her stand out from other artists.

Dionni6x’s upcoming debut track, “Drippy”, produced by James Jay and multi-platinum producer from Greece, Bretbeats, includes Love & Hip Hop: NY’s MariahLynn. She is professionally under Mike Swagger’s new company and will be working with Grammy-winning producer, Cricket Productionz, also working alongside Marvelous Productions and Orlando Dioro in the near future. She is looking forward to giving the world great music on this journey that is ahead of her.

Stay tuned for the upcoming video, directed by Sergio Pararra, owner of the Grammy-nominated video team, Square Deal Media.


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December 18, 2020

FlowBoy Duce – “Pay For That” | @FlowBoyDuce

The Bronx’s Deyvon L. Rosa (professionally known as FlowBoy Duce) started rapping at the age of 12 and released his debut demo, “How I Tell It” at the age of 16, catching the attention of Def Jam in 2006. His 2011 debut project, The Healing Point: Vol. 1, has grasped the attention of Hot97’s DJ Cocoa Chanelle, opening doors for him to work with several artists and creating movie soundtracks. He has since then has production credits for Waka Flocka Flame, Juicy J., Jay Z, Kanye West, and more. Duce was also placed in the 2016 NY anthem, “Brody” with Love & Hip Hop: NY’s Jacquae.

Following his recent project, Payola, Duce has released his new, swagger-filled single “Pay For That”, produced by Ambiance Beats and Da Union DJ Mr. Famous. The single has reached over 14K streams on Spotify and counting.

“Pay For That” is out now on all digital media platforms.


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December 4, 2020

Billionaire Burke – Refuse To Fail | @BBMG_Burke

Following the success of Clear The Air, a project that dropped earlier in the Summer, East Harlem’s Billionaire Burke has dropped his new project correctly titled Refuse To Fail, which is already climbing up the Spotify ranks.

The 14-track album under the EMPIRE/BBMG imprint is a classic project with various melodic and hard-hitting beats with a touch of some of that New York Drill incorporated on it. Burke collaborated with artists Sy Ari Da Kid, Sleepy Rose, Reese Money, Taleban Dooda, Eli Fross, and more to give the fans a concrete universal project.

Refuse To Fail is out now on all digital media platforms.

@BBMG_Burke | IG: @billionaireburke

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