401 WST & Zach Zoya “Won’t Put U Thru That” Video

401 WST releases the first single and video for “Won’t Put U Thru That” with Zach Zoya from their much anticipated forthcoming EP Our House Volume 2, available Fall 2021 on Kyngdom Records / JN SHPPRD.

“Won’t Put U Thru That” is a love song made for the dancefloor that’s mostly about heartbreak and hope, but with a pulse,” explains 4KORNERS about the inspiration behind the new single. “We wanted to make a classic love song by blending the energy of house music from the originators of the genre, paying homage to the godfathers like Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson, Larry Levan, Inner City and many more, but doing it our way with a modern twist, for the new generation of club and festival kids.” Adds Ashton Adams: “This is also an intentional collaboration of three Black artists coming together to celebrate house music’s Black culture roots and to create a song that everyone can enjoy and sing along to whether you are on the dance floor or driving in your car listening to it on the radio.”  

Twitter: @401wst

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