Rappin Lounge established in 2002, and has been embryonic ever since. Rappin Lounge is the foundation to diverse projects, which are to come in the near future. After 4 years it has developed into a corporation dedicated to portray the potential of young people who are the leaders of tomorrow. Rappin Lounge became a conglomerate in 2003, and provided assistance to many throughout the time with web design and graphics. During that same year a web forum was intergrated called The Lounge for people to discuss their political view, share poetry and music. Our goal is to promote good music, and to attempt to repair what Corporate America did to the music industry, as we know it in America. We want to bring it back up to what it was in the past. Where artist had his or her own style and had a chance to make it in music. Rappin Lounge Deals with underground artist and underrated artist in the music industry, by releasing mix tapes promoting artist and producers. Corporate America has destroyed the music industry because of the image that they created for the different types of artist across the genres of music. The music industry artists are enslaved to these big time record labels, and cannot produce the music that they want to produce. To give them more exposure the Rappin Lounge website is being developed for people to learn about the artists. With the current online community members have the chance to say what they like and don’t like, and they will get a chance to learn the history behind different types of music.